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Post  _-GunDum-_ on Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:34 am

I Know you haven`t seen me in SN1 serversbut im coming.....
My hobbies is playing cs and Keeping my clan forum and server In good repetation ^^
How long did yo play cs ? 3 yrs
Have you been a Owner clan before? Yes Actualy.My Clan b4 is DoOdLe[+]
Have you been Moderator/Admistrator? yes
Have you Make a website by your self and fix some Webste Problems?? Yes i have many times.
Have you been in Scrim or a CWL ??? Yes ....My clan have won b4 5 times in Scrim and in CWL only 2 times. ><

My Skiilz level (1-10)???
i will give my self 6-10

My Style playing trying to hear there footstep and kill them with my full power ^^




When you saw me play Always Beware !!! ^^ Razz

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