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-[SN1]- SinaN

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:13 am

This is an example of a player that is bad even with a wallhack. I always knew he was walling, but he is just so bad even with them. Didn't get a chance to record the demos till right now. Most of the times because of a strange coincidence. What do you know every time I went to spec, he also would move to spec lol

mediafire.com ?kkk2dnzzdmm
mediafire.com ?jz0zhmdlnzt
mediafire.com ?4hnuahmnznn
mediafire.com ?ytmuwwjgont
mediafire.com ?n3wu15ytyqt

Put the demos into you cstrike folder and from the console write "viewdemo demoname"
Plus he doesn't respect server admins and insults them.

Permanent Ban for you, SinaN.

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