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Post  Admin on Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:40 pm

---==Server Rules==---

1. Cheating, this means hacking or any other means to kill many users with an unfair advantage using an external script/program not accessible in the standard game or any subsequent universal patch. Cheaters will not be tolerated, they will be banned without a warning, if you see any anyone cheating, report him or her to with a DEMO recorded and we will take other steps. Any hacker will be... - Banned Permanently.

2. Grenade Spamming, this means continuously throwing either/any of the grenades such as HE, Flash, and Smoke causing harassment to other team-mates will result in... - 60 Minute ban.

3. Throwing multiple flash grenades intentionally to flash teammates at beginning/during round will result in... - A kick.

4. Microphone spamming or excessive microphone chatter while alive not chatting about tactics and harassing other players playing the current server will result in... - A kick or gag.

5. Spamming radio commands for example Affirmative, Need Backup! Or Sector Clear will result in... - No action taken.

6. Using racist, sexist, or excessive profanity or otherwise offensive comments or words in the game in any context to any person will result in... - A one day ban.

7. Abusing or harassing admins or other players will result in... - A kick.

8. Excessive camping in a server when you are not supposed to be (A Terrorist camping in de_maps, a CT camping in cs_maps, or a CT camping when bomb is planted in de_maps) and after multiple warnings by players/admins will result in... - A Slap, then Slay, then Kick.

9. Going AFK during matchplay will result in... - A Slay.

10. Ghosting/LANing/Screening by having someone who is dead telling a person who is alive where everyone is on the map that gives an unfair advantage and after a couple of warnings by an admin will result in... - A Kick to the ghosters.

11. Abusing admin, this means continuous slaying/slapping/kicking/banning/gaging/executing commands without a valid reason/changing nick without a valid reason/etc... will result in... - Warning to Admin, if again, Admin removed (With proof of continuous abusing)

12.-If you for some reason were unaware of this, this is your warning.
-Slap/Slay/Kick/Ban another admin = your admin removed. No exceptions.
Using admin commands on other admin is abuse

If you have any troubles, please start a new topic in appropriate section

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